are these two dudes twins or have I been drinking too much Pinot Grigio?


  1. Mike Lowell can make mine a double anytime. Which is not to say that I don’t appreciate the homers, those are nice, too. 
  2. I scramble eggs better when I listen to Bruce Springsteen. 
  3. Iced mint tea is an excellent breakfast drink when the temperature is 79 degrees at 10:00am on April 26th.
  4. The mac n’cheese at Green Street Grill is outstanding. I think it was the combination of the tomatoes and the bacon.
  5. I have a bruise the shape of a kidney bean on my right knee and I don’t know where it came from.
  6. The Craigslist Killer freaks me out. Not just because of the whole killing thing, but also because I realized that there are security cameras EVERYWHERE.
  7. Fresh-squeezed orange juice tastes like nature’s candy. 
  8. Elizabeth does NOT like Thai food. 
  9. I’d rather floss my teeth that write my final paper for Attachment & Neurobiology.
  10. My upstairs neighbors are up and being loud by 7am. Even on weekends. I think I may hate people who have children in the city.


There’s something about Nathan Fillion’s voice that makes me want to drink scotch in front of a fireplace. While the show is a nice addition to the police procedural lineup, I would gladly listen to it with my eyes closed just for the pleasure of that voice. It’s right up there with Tommy Lee Jones and “Hello my name is Johnny Cash.”


I realize girlfriend may be batshitcrazy, but she looks really HOT in the Circus video. Hopefully she can continue being diet-Madonna for a few years before returning to her White-Trash life of eating deep fried mayonnaise balls, drinking RedBull & Vodka, and letting her kids wander into traffic.


You’d think after 10 years in this city I would have learned better than to do the following:

  1. Get on the subway in the morning without first swilling something caffeinated. (Mornings without coffee are likely to end in bloodshed, either when I fall off my high heels and skin my knee or when I finally loose my shit and bludgeon newspaper guy for whacking me in the face with the Metro for the 8th time)
  2. Sit next to a bitchadolescent girl intent on rocking her Sidekick; since it  is guaranteed to get you an offended sigh and a migraine-inducing eye roll if you jostle her arm. (If I’ve had a bad day at the office I am prone to do this on purpose so that I can channel Brenda Walsh after getting grounded by her parents for sneaking out to have sex with Dylan. *sigh* eyeroll. bitchface. THE TRIFECTA)
  3. Forget your buffer (aka book, iPod, Gorilla mask, etc) . (Sometimes the only thing that can prevent me from starting a fucking riot at rush-hour is the fact that Jad Abumrad is talking to Jonah Lehrer in my ear about Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring)
  4. If you DO forget your buffer (aka book, iPod, Gorilla mask, etc) DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT!(this may lead to the following)
  5. If for whatever reason you get sucked into a conversation with a stranger who is intent of sharing their life story with you get off immediately at the next stop and switch cars BECAUSE when the old dude starts crying on your shoulder about his recent divorce while reeking like a distillery IT WILL BE AWKWARD. (true story)


it would make my job SO MUCH easier.